A Private Couple Retreat

Closeness ~ connection ~ love

A relationship is a space that requires nurturing and nourishment to flourish and thrive, just like any other area in our lives. For example, when I take time and care to prepare the food I eat, it will most likely be tastier; When I spend time with my children, they feel loved and seen.

In the same way, when we pay more attention to the relationship itself, we open our
awareness to it, observe it, learn about the couple dynamics, ask questions about our
sexuality and get to know each other deeply both the conscious and the unconscious layersthat affect us – we will begin to nourish the relation and the love between us will grow andflourish and with it the sexual desire and pleasure that we can experience.

A private couple’s retreat is for people who want to gift themselves with the present of Intimacy, deepening intimate and sexual communication whilst accompanied by a professional facilitator, Dorit. The process is for couples who want to get away from the daily routine and take time for themselves to invest in their relationship, communication, and connection to one other.

The retreat is suitable for all couples of any age; both young couples and mature couples; couples at the beginning of their journey and for couples who have been together for many years.

The retreat is for all genders and sexual preferences, heterosexual, homosexuals, and queers.

Dorit Bar is a teacher of conscious intimacy and sexual communication. A holistic sexual couple therapist and a healer, specialising in sexual trauma and personal development for individuals and couples for nearly 15 years.
Dorit’s wishes to provide a couple a safe space for self-exploration of emotion and exercises for marital, intimate, erotic, and sexual connection.

In the retreat, all practices are conducted while all participants are fully dressed and do not include sexual contact with Droit.

The exercises that the couple continues to practice by themselves are both emotional and intimate, erotic, and sexual and they happen in their own time and privacy.
The retreat is composed of a combination of sessions, both couple meetings and individual meetings – the duration of each meeting depends on the type of the session and varies between 75 minutes and 180 minutes.
The retreat is tailor made to each couple and its individual circumstances and needs; hence the structure and content is fluid and adaptable rather than a predetermined template.
This allows to fine tune the form of guidance and training that will be the most benevolent,
the most effective and the most harmonius for each couples unique challenges.

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What is the essence of the process?

The essence of the process is to practice authentic emotional and erotic expression, to open one’s heart and body to love and pleasure.
As the process deepens inevitably deep emotional layers, barriers and difficulties will also arise, here the need for accompaniment is crucial and indeed very necessary for the couple’s development.

Dorit has a deep understanding and extensive experience in healing emotional and sexual traumas and a real ability to bridge gaps and heal old and unresolved residues created over the years.

Intimate communication is an important ability for humans to develop, and it is something
that can and should be practiced.

We easily take for granted how complex it is for us to be so exposed, in closeness to one
other, to be so authentic, or indeed to know our own pleasure and pain and to be able to sit down and share them with another person.

It is a tremendous gift to open -up to new levels of closeness, friendship, and joy through
the action of love making.
We can all learn how to make love. We can learn to deeply listen to ourselves and to love gently, sensitively, and truly.
The couple’s retreat acts as a reset, releasing inhibitions and opening new pathways for
harmonious connection within the relation.

How long does a private couple retreat last?

You may choose from the options below:

1. A weekend; Friday – Saturday – Sunday

2. A long weekend; Friday – Saturday – Sunday – Monday

3. A weeklong retreat

Before each retreat we will hold one Zoom meeting that will last about an hour and a half to get to know each other, connect and build trust.
The first meeting is already part of the retreat and during our time together, the couple will receive recommendations on how to prepare for the deeper process.

Where does a private couple retreat take place?

You may choose from the following options:

1. At the comfort of your home

In this case, please make sure your home is ready for such a process, which means that
there will be no children or other people in it during the couple retreat. It is also paramount that the home should be clean, pleasant, and comfortable, in a quite area.

2. In Dorit’s home

Dorit lives in central Israel, in a quite village names Borgata.The sessions will be at her home whilst your accommodation can be booked in a nearby Airbnb or an hotel facility.

3. Everywhere in the world by invitation only.

This can be discussed in a preliminary conversation.
Any destination can be chosen, there is complete flexibility.
Dorit is open to the possibility of combining a pleasant and nourishing vacation with a healing and connecting retreat.

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How much does a private couple retreat cost?

The cost varies depending on the location and duration.
All Dorit’s significant expenses, flights and accommodation are paid by the couple and in addition there is the cost of both individual and couple’s Sessions.

All costs will be discussed in a primary Zoom call.
Before scheduling an introductory conversation, it is recommended to read a few articles on the website and listen to the video at the end of the page so that you can get a feel for
whether you connect to Dorit’s energy and if there is a positive intuitive gut feeling.

How to book a private couple retreat?

It is recommended to read a few articles on the website and listen to the video at the end of the page so that you can get a feel for whether you connect to Dorit’s energy and if there is a positive intuitive gut feeling.

Press the pink button, fill up your details, and we will contact you to schedule an
introduction call.

I see couples who gift themselves with the present of intimini time, time to be together in connection. In the fast-paced modern world we live in, making time for our intimacy can be an island of peace amid the everyday hustle and bustle. It is such a privilege to witness and feel the magic that occurs when two people open their hearts, shed a tear, smile at each other, and reconnect.

Click on the video below, to hear Dorit and speaking of her approach to conscious sexuality