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Agana Therapy Healing

The AGANA approach towards Sexual Healing is a process of emotional & somatic healing. Its purpose is to enable manifestation of passion, erotic intimacy and loving communication in one’s life. It is suitable for those who desire to evolve into the next level of their sexual & intimate quest, but have not yet fathomed how to go about it.

Sessions are conducted while all participants are fully dressed and do not include sexual contact with the Healer.

 Dorit offers individual sessions,  Couple therapy sessions and  Groups proccesses.

Who is it for?

Couples who desire a deeper intimate experience, who wish to fuse sexual pleasure with heart connection; to solve conflicts and difficulties stemming from such matters as passion, pleasure and emotional expression; to release blockages and patterns that inhibit harmonious communication in relationships.

Women who have difficulties in experiencing an orgasm; Fear of men; Fear of physical contact with men; General fear of men; Pain during penetration; Sexual identity or sexual definition dilemmas; Painful separation; Sexual Trauma; Loss of sexual desire; Satisfying a partner; Unfulfilled intimate desire; Problematic sexual & emotional communication with a partner.

Men who experience difficulties in intimate communication with a partner; Impotency; Premature ejaculation; Delayed ejaculation; Difficulties in feeling safe and secure with a partner; Acceptance of sexual identity or its definition; A painful separation; Low  sexual desire; Sexual addictions; Difficulty in satisfying a partner; Addiction to porn and sexual fantasies; Difficulty in initiating contact with potential partners or in forming intimate relationships.


Intimacy as a Healing Gateway

The various challenges that arise in the field of sexuality are usually only the surface level of deeper layers that seek healing. Decline in sexual desire, premature ejaculation, difficulties in reaching an orgasm, or power struggles between partners due to libidinous variance – are all but symptoms of a more momentous challenge – the ability to being close to and intimate with ourselves and those near and dear to us.

Intimacy is the ability to truly meet: without masks, stripped of defenses, unpretentious. Usually, it is difficult to form closeness, it is scary and daunting. A concern arises that we will be seen as we truly are, and thus, in our true light we might not be liked, which in turn may contribute to us feeling insecure or vulnerable. However, when we agree to form closeness we mature, we open up and we learn to accept ourselves and those close to us. As a Healer I use the quality of intimacy to create a safe space and connection.

What Does AGANA Therapy Healing Involves?

Agana Therapy Healing is designed for Individuals, Couples & Groups. Its aim is to facilitate deep healing of body, mind and emotions. Each session includes psychotherapy conversation and healing techniques designed to allow one to reveal unconsious patterns and blockages. In addition, self-practice exercises are provided, designed to enhance the process which will prompt one to take responsibility for his or her personal healing journey.

Sessions are conducted by Zoom or in person. One may either set a one-time consultation or engage in a longer process.

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