“After years of battling with my lack of libido and thinking it’s just how I am, I had the privilege to discover Dorit Bar. 

She accompanied me in a deep personal awakening of my sexual self, through individual therapy and women circles. 
She is so warm, generous, sensitive and competent woman and I have learned from her wisdom, and form the precious tools she transmitted me through her therapies. 
I am forever grateful”. 

Yael Eyholzer

” My experience with Dorit is far beyond words, she has the ability to recognize the parts in me which will help me to evolve to the new me.

I found new insights during our journey.
She has a style that took me a while to connect to, because she is authentic and very connected to her way, and sometimes she will say things that are hard to deal with.
But from the starts I felt that she can see me clearly, this helped me to open up to her guidance.”

Refael, Spain

“Dorit Bar treated me for several months. I am delighted to recommend her as a devoted, loving and caring therapist. She is loyal to her work and does it with delicacy and gentle patience.

During the treatment we referred to matters such as patterns of disturbing sexual fantasies, neglected emotions like anger, and a physical issue of exaggerated sensitivity to cold. Alongside Dorit I managed to achieve significant change and improvement in all the areas we touched.

I wish for everyone wishing to undergo change in their lives to be guided by Dorit.”

Nir, 42 years old, Musician

Dorit, I admire and respect you for our wonderful encounter. In a simple and pleasant environment, and a space full of safety and love, I was given the opportunity to break down barriers, remove defenses and most importantly calm my brain which tends to be frantic most of the time.

The session with you was very enabling and I benefitted greatly from it. I received great insight and enjoyed the professionalism and sensitivity of a brilliant facilitator.

In short…. Great fun!”

Vered, 32, married with 2 childrens