Dorit Bar

Dorit Bar

A researcher of sexuality and intimacy, developer of the AGANA Therapy Healing, a relationship and sex therapist; accompanies women and men, individuals and couples, in healing and development processes.

Dorit facilitates Healing Journeys that restore connections to ones inner passion. erotic feelings, safety, intimacy & authentic communication as well as conscious sexuality.

I have been contemplating love since my early childhood, seeking to understand what it is that forms ties among individuals, what enables closeness and caring in us, what makes us compassionate and attentive. As a child, I was exposed to violent conflicts between my parents and it broke my heart, I noticed the resemblance between anger and violence at home and war on the world’s stage. Since, I have been ceaselessly inquiring about love. I now know that love is the deepest meaning seeking to be revealed through us; I know that when love is present in our hearts, it brings with it serenity, harmony, wisdom and joy.

What is the AGANA Therapy Healing?

The AGANA Therapy Healing offers a set of exercises, skills and practical insights, whose joint purpose is to enable whomever is willing to delve deeper into intimacy and experience growing levels of sensuality, pleasure and love.

Dorit Bar’s healing approach integrates techniques and insights from a variety of methods like: Sexology, Yoga-Tantra, Breath work, Mindfulness, Somatic experiencing, NVC  and Energy healing.

My sexual healing journey began more than a decade ago, when an urge was awakened in me to comprehend my relationships with men and to become freed of restraining patterns. I started seeing that, within, I was inauthentic, incomplete, less than truthful, not really in touch with my intimate, emotional aspects, and that sexual communication with myself fell short. The pain emerging from the observation process allowed me to experience the relation between my ability to be in tune with myself – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and my capacity to share love with another. The deeper my inward healing journey became, a corresponding urge was awakening: to share the inate knowledge with others.

Sexuality: A Gateway to Love

The sexual energy is life’s most fundamental energy, the source of all creation. During an intimate encounter, sexual energy bonds the lovers physically, psychologically and spiritually. The bond is awakened by arousing physical sensations, which deepens with emotional expressions of attentiveness, caring and authenticity, climaxing in an experience of unity, serenity and conscious bodily presence.

Courage and maturity are a prerequisite for looking inwardly, into our sexual journey. Along with pleasurable and happy erotic experiences, there are also experiences that have caused us pain, frustration and fear. These experiences are stored in our body and mind. They ask that we recognize them and heal them through listening to ourselves, through self-love and honest communication with our loved ones.

The most significant challenge we are facing in this time and age of intimate relationships, is to accept all relationships as a personal, emotional and spiritual fields of development. In this sense, the emotional, erotic and sexual closeness are interwoven together into a unique, unified whole.

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