Conscious Sexuality

Conscious Sexuality is a method that enables its practitioner to materialize his or her sexuality at physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

A sexual experience that is whole awakens titillating physical sensations bursting with passion, made deeper through emotionally formed expressions of attentiveness, caring and connecting with the heart, cresting in an experience of unity, serenity and conscious bodily presence.

The Conscious Sexuality method is crafted from a set of exercises, proficiencies and practical insights, whose purpose is to enable whoever is ripe for it to delve deeper into intimacy and experience growing levels of sensuality, pleasure and love. Conscious Sexuality is inspired by various methods of therapy, including, sexology, psychology, tantra, coaching and meditation.

Neither sexuality nor intimacy ever were the subject of any discussion in the home I grew up at; there, I was exposed to contradictory messages that included warnings regarding dangerous men alongside with embarrassment that surfaced when we saw sexual flirting on TV. I made love for the first time at age 19. It was a painful yet a pleasurable and thrilling experience, one that had opened for me new avenues of communication with the opposite sex and allowed me to arrive at a world filled with adventure which was destined to be my mission and a doorway to my self-fulfillment in this world.

Everything Is Open for Discussion

The sexual taboo is an ancient social and cultural norm and the time is at hand to diffuse it, out of a resolution that we have a right to live a life filled with ecstasy, joy and vitality.  The first step toward relinquishing the habit of feeling shy and embarrassed around subjects related to intimate communication is to agree to talk about them – to ask questions, express needs, talk about difficulties, and get in touch with ourselves at those junctures where we, habitually, hide issues, fearing that we’d get hurt if we just dare to expose them.

A Journey of Love

The study of Conscious Sexuality is a journey of love composed of three central experiential layers – the physical sexual experience, the emotional sexual experience and the spiritual sexual experience.

The physical sexual experience is composed of (i) awareness of the physical body; (ii) becoming acquainted with the sex organs and the attendant hormonal physiological function; (iii) relating, through awareness, to enjoyable sensations, which may be strongly and openly embraced; (iv) awareness of the relationship between body and its psychology and releasing the body of shame and guilt.

The emotional sexual experience allows us to become closer to each other through emotional expressions such as caring, listening, tenderness and affection. When emotional bonding saturates our sexual expanse, we tend to experience deep and gentle sexual pleasure; it enables the merger of hearts and bodies.

Various challenges come to the fore as we embark on the emotional journey. These include such manifestations as the heart closing and becoming impervious, the tendency to become either a victim or aggressive, and our exaggerated fixation on an insistence that the other will fulfill all of our emotional needs. The journey designed to heal the heart is a gentle process, facilitated through gradually acquired agreement to re-experience pain thus be freed of onerous emotional burdens that have carved in us fear, a closing up, apprehension in trusting others. Healed, we can relate to the powerful, open and loving woman within and discover the generous, present and loving man we were intended to be.

The third layer of Conscious Sexuality is the spiritual one, through which the intimate encounter puts us in touch with tranquility and serenity in which one may rest and receive infinite inner nourishment. At the spiritual plateau the motivation for a sexual encounter is not sensual or emotional satisfaction, but the discovery of the unified and whole inner self.

Development as a Way of Life

Conscious Sexuality is a process of constant evolution toward a fuller and greater expression of who we really are.  The first step is the mere agreement to meet our body and our sexuality as they are right now; The second step, is the willingness to share with a close individual — a partner for instance — feelings, emotions, thoughts and desires that arise in our emotional and sexual inner space; the third step is attentiveness, that could occur in each and every moment in every intimate encounter.  Its motive is our desire to be present, empowered and loving.  The constant yearning to realize love is like calling love to revel itself to us and teach us more about intimacy, and having one’s heart connect with his or her body.

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